DIY Shoe Rack


Turn a $150 IKEA bookcase into a custom looking shoe rack for your shoe problem!  This one is quick and easy for all skill levels.


From IKEA you will need to buy the HEMNES Bookcase, which is 35 1/2″ wide by 13 1/2″ deep ($149), and 3 packs of  33 1/4″ long LANSA cabinet handles. ($6.99 each 2 pack).



Follow the assembly instructions that come with the bookcase to put the frame together.




The middle shelf is the only shelf that is not adjustable and does not already have pre-drilled holes that we can use.  It has cam locks that add shear stability to the piece.  You will mark and drill new holes the same size as the ones provided by the manufacturer for the locking pins for the middle shelf.    Since we want to tilt all of the shelves forward, you will need to drill new holes for the screw in locking pins for this fixed middle shelf.  Shift the front locking pins down 1 1/2″ (both left and right sides) and the back locking pins up and in 1″ on a diagonal, (as shown in picture above) once again both sides.  Then screw the pins into the new holes you drilled for the cam locks built into the middle shelf.   This is the only modification you will have to make on the frame of the HEMNES Bookcase.



Except for the fixed middle shelf, and the bottom shelf (which should remain flat because it doubles as the bottom of the frame), you will be using the highest shelf support clip hole provided in the back, and the lowest pre-drilled shelf support clip hole on the front.  Just doing this with the shelf support clips (or pins) will provide the tilt for the other remaining shelves.  Quick and Easy!


Next you need to mark all of the shelves so you can drill and mount the bars (cabinet handles) across the front of each shelf.



The one short shelf, is for the bottom shelf.  I bring this to your attention so you do not mark and drill this one wrong.  You need to center the handle on the shelf. Do not make the mistake of just measuring from the end (on this short bottom shelf) or the holes wont be far enough apart to line up with the holes on the handle!



Note:  Before you drill any holes, set a handle in place and make sure the marks you made line up with the screw holes on the handle.


Make marks on each shelf (except the short bottom shelf)  3/4″ back from the front edge and 2 5/16″ from the ends for the handles.



Drill all of the holes for the handles on each shelf.


Mount one handle to each shelf, through the holes you just drilled.


Find the center shelf.  The one that has the cam locks mortised into the shelf, then lock it into place by turning the cams (be careful not to over tighten, they will break easily!).  Place the dark wood grained side down (you want that facing the inside)  and nail down one edge of the back panel.  Make sure it is square before you start nailing the second side.   Now stand the frame upright, and set all of the shelves in place.


Now just get those shoes off the floor and where they belong!  Easy breezy!

This took me just over one hour to complete.  It should not take any experienced person more than 3 hours (at the most) to complete.

If you like this idea but have no interest (or time) to do it, I suggest you get the materials to your house, then hire a carpenter or handy person to put it together, following my instructions.  Anyone can do this project and you will be the envy of anyone who has a shoe problem!

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