DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

chipinsink DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair


Do you have any ugly chip or scratch in your porcelain sink or tub?  Why not fix it? There are easy to use porcelain chip repair kits that you can buy.  They make any damage in porcelain, ceramic or enamel surfaces practically disappear.  Look how easy it is to do it yourself!  This is a fun beginner project and it does not cost you much money.

In fact you probably already have the tools you will need around the house.  You will just need to purchase a Porcelain Chip Fix kit. (Which is only $5.00) at Home Depot.  You will see how satisfying it is to make a damaged porcelain sink (or tub) look new again.

chipfix DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair


Pick up a Porcelain Chip Fix Kit, masking tape, some flat razor blades, and a piece of fine sandpaper from the local hardware store or home center.

supplies DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair


Other items you will need that you most likely already have include:


Finger nail polish remover, a small plastic lid from a household item, a long skinny stir stick (I found a wood shish kabob skewer in the kitchen to use).

mix DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

1. Mix the Epoxy

This porcelain repair is a two part epoxy that needs to be mixed together and allowed to thicken for 25 minutes.

While the epoxy is setting up or “potting” , prep the chipped area you will be filling.

sand DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

2.  Sand.

The chipped surface needs to be lightly sanded and cleaned thoroughly.  This will ensure the epoxy will get a good bond to the old surface.

DSC 0133 DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

3. Clean

Use an alcohol prep pad and wipe the area you just got done sanding clean.  You could also put some finger nail polish remover onto a rag or paper towel to clean with.  Allow a few minutes to dry.

tape DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

4.  Mask

Use masking tape to mask off a small square around the repair(s) you will be making

5.  Apply epoxy

Use the little brush and apply the epoxy over the chip

flatblade DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

6.  Smooth out

smoothout DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

Use a flat blade just like a putty knife to smooth over the surface.  Drag the wet epoxy upward.

pulltape DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

7. Pull masking tape off

usebladetoclean DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

8.  Make final pass

cleanwpapertowel DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

Working upwards, hold a flat blade tight to the surface and let the blades edge cut and smooth over the epoxy.  If you have any product smeared on the surface around the chip, you can clean it off with a rag and finger nail polish remover.  Be careful not to touch the filled area.

donedone DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair

9. Let cure for an hour

470674a3 0ccc 4dca bc44 a0a4a1c4fbb4 400 DIY: Porcelain Chip Repair


Update: Have been 6 months since we repair and still looks good.


Click here to buy yours: HERE.


  1. rosemary hansen says

    thank you this was very helpful! we went to home depot first and they didn’t know how to help us . so glad we found you !

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