Slippery concrete : Simple and inexpensive solution

The Solution for Slippery Concrete


If you have stamped concrete, then you most likely also have extremely slippery concrete right?  The concrete sealer that is used to enhance the color, also creates a dangerously slick surface.

328east1 Slippery concrete : Simple and inexpensive solution

The good news is that the solution is simple and inexpensive. The product you need to buy is called “SharkGrip”, manufactured by H&C.  It is a fine crystalized powder additive that you mix into the 5 gallon bucket of liquid concrete sealer.  Once you stir it in it suspends perfectly in the liquid.  In fact, you can even spray it through a pump up weed sprayer or roll it on.

DSC 0024 Slippery concrete : Simple and inexpensive solution

It creates a surface much like extremely fine grit sandpaper and is completely invisible.  I have used this at my own house and around pools.  It works great!  In fact it provides so much grip that you do not want to use it around a swimming pool if you have an automatic cover that has to pull across the concrete surface.

I sealed the stamped ribbon around our swimming pool with Shark Grip added to the concrete sealer.  Although no kids fell that day, I created another problem.  The automatic pool cover motor struggled to drag the cover across all the friction that the SharkGrip product provides.

One bottle mixes into a 5 gallon bucket of sealer.  Shark Grip is sold at Sherwin Williams paint stores and Lowes for around $8.50 a bottle

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    • steve trump says

      Shark grip is a fine powdery substance that I have always used in clear concrete sealers to offset (actually eliminate) the slippery effect of the concrete sealer. Paint is much thicker and it would probably not work in a paint mix. Depending on the climate where you live (whether you shovel snow off the driveway in the winter, for example) I would recommend other products that would work better for you. Maybe look at my other post about restoring a patio….the Restore product may be what you are looking for. It goes on like paint, but has quite a bit of texture to it so it is not slippery. Make sure you buy the kind that is made for cars to drive over. I featured the regular version made for patios and decks in that post. Good luck! Hope this helps. -Steve

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