Slippery concrete : Simple and inexpensive solution

The Solution for Slippery Concrete


If you have stamped concrete, then you most likely also have extremely slippery concrete right?  The concrete sealer that is used to enhance the color, also creates a dangerously slick surface.

Slippery concrete solutions

The good news is that the solution is simple and inexpensive. The product you need to buy is called “SharkGrip”, manufactured by H&C.  It is a fine crystalized powder additive that you mix into the 5 gallon bucket of liquid concrete sealer.  Once you stir it in it suspends perfectly in the liquid.  In fact, you can even spray it through a pump up weed sprayer or roll it on.

Slippery concrete

It creates a surface much like extremely fine grit sandpaper and is completely invisible.  I have used this at my own house and around pools.  It works great!  In fact it provides so much grip that you do not want to use it around a swimming pool if you have an automatic cover that has to pull across the concrete surface.

I sealed the stamped ribbon around our swimming pool with Shark Grip added to the concrete sealer.  Although no kids fell that day, I created another problem.  The automatic pool cover motor struggled to drag the cover across all the friction that the SharkGrip product provides.

One bottle mixes into a 5 gallon bucket of sealer.  Shark Grip is sold at Sherwin Williams paint stores and Lowes for around $8.50 a bottle

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    • steve trump says

      Shark grip is a fine powdery substance that I have always used in clear concrete sealers to offset (actually eliminate) the slippery effect of the concrete sealer. Paint is much thicker and it would probably not work in a paint mix. Depending on the climate where you live (whether you shovel snow off the driveway in the winter, for example) I would recommend other products that would work better for you. Maybe look at my other post about restoring a patio….the Restore product may be what you are looking for. It goes on like paint, but has quite a bit of texture to it so it is not slippery. Make sure you buy the kind that is made for cars to drive over. I featured the regular version made for patios and decks in that post. Good luck! Hope this helps. -Steve

  1. Stacey says

    I want to use this around my pool. Any recommendation as to what concrete sealer to use that it works best with?

    • steve trump says

      You can mix it into any concrete sealer. I recommend buying a non yellowing concrete sealer. If you have an automatic pool cover that has a deck mounted track, do not use the shark grip additive on the pool coping. This creates too much friction for the pool cover to slide across!

  2. Donna anderson says

    I am putting an acrylic sealer on colored/textured concrete. I have been told to apply 2 coats of sealer and I was wondering if I should put it in the first coat or the second?


  3. Debbie says

    We recently had a concrete patio with a “broom finish” poured (not stamped) that we stained ourselves. My husband put sealer on it over the weekend and now it is dangerously slippery:(. Could we put another layer of sealer on with the added Shark Grip or is it a more complicated fix than that? Thank you so much for your time and any suggestions you may have.


    • steve trump says

      Yes, simply put the shark grip in the product as directed, and apply another coat. I always recommend you put on two coats and you only need the shark grip in the second coat. So you are right on track!

  4. says

    I have purchased a house with a stamped concrete driveway (good colour, great condition … but I just went down like shot duck 10 min ago). I want to make it less slippery in the wet. I do not know how long ago the previous owners did the driveway. Can I just give the driveway a good degreaser clean & then apply the Shark Grip in the 2nd coat of another sealer … or do i need to prepare the existing driveway surface in another way?

  5. says

    Just bought a piece of property which is at the bottom of a somewhat steep concrete driveway. It is way slippery with moss buildup. I’ll have it cleaned before applying anything but wanted your suggestion on helping improve the situation. From what I’m gathering I would get concrete sealer and add sharkgrip to it. Is that it?

    Thanks for your tips.


    • steve trump says

      That is correct. The Sharkgrip product is an additive that you mix into the liquid sealer. It is a very fine powder that suspends well and creates a non slip surface once the sealer is applied to the surface of the concrete. Thanks for your comment. Good luck!

    • steve trump says

      Painted concrete that is slippery will need a silica sand or similarly course additive that will create some traction in the painted surface. This can only be done by painting another coat of a compatible product so it will adhere to the existing surface and last. I recommend you talk to a professional at a paint store such as, Kwal or Sherwin Williams. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!

      • Luis says

        My problem is for a painted floor and I went to a Sherwin Williams and what they suggested was Shark Bite. I applied it and not very effective. What is the name of the other product? Not, happy with Sherwin Williams.

  6. Steve Rodgers says

    I have an aggregate concrete finish driveway that is on a 25% grade and is very slippery. Do you think the shark grip will work to help with the problem.

    • steve trump says

      I have never personally used it on an aggregate driveway, but I am confident it would work just as well as long as you clean the surface before applying the sealer. If you do that properly then the dealer with the shark grip in it will stick and make the surface slip resistant. Let me know how it turns out! -Steve

  7. Cheryl says

    After applying SharkGrip to our gray colored patio stamped concrete we have developed a Milky appearance that is very unattractive. We mixed the ratio per the directions and rolled it on. After our winter the milkiness is worse. Trying to power wash off the suspended shark grip to no avail. Any suggestions. SharkGrip did make the surface non silo but also took away the beauty of our stamped concrete.

    • admin says

      I would bet the milky appearance is related to the build up of the sealer not really a result of the additive. In other words, it was likely a coincidence that the last time you sealed the concrete and added the shark grip, it then became milky looking. If you mixed in the correct amount the small particles of non slip powder could not create a consistent milky appearance. Does that make sense? The only way I know how to reduce build up is to remove the old layers by using the chemical solution to the product. You will have to read the clean up instructions on the sealer. Its usually a pretty harsh chemical…not fun but the only way! I hope this helped!

  8. Rick says

    i did some stamped concrete in my backyard ago 6 months aga and never sealed it yet. I plan on giving it two coats of sealer but should I add shark grip to both coats or just the one


  9. Stephanie says

    I have just stained my pool deck with acid base stain and put two coats of sealer on and in the 2nd coat added the Shark grip, it is still extremely slippery. The perdon that stained my concrete added sealer per direction and rolled in on. You could fill the shark grip in the pan he used. Any suggestions!

    • admin says

      Since I have never personally gotten the results you have described I can only presume that either the product was applied (rolled on) too thick or the shark grip additive was not mixed in thoroughly. It is hard to say. I personally always use a paint mixing attachment on my drill and really mix it in good. Then I use a pump up sprayer to spray on the sealer, back rolling with a paint roller to even everything out. I suggest doing that and even using more shark grip in the mix.

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