Cleaning Tip: Vacuum Extension Hose

 Reach just about anywhere with Vacuum Extension Hose

Here is a quick tip that you will appreciate if you really like to clean.  Use vinyl tube as a vacuum extension hose ! This will allow you to clean those nasty dark places that you have not even considered before!  This can bend and reach just about anywhere!



The best way to get lint out of your dryer vent is to vacuum it out. This is simple with a three or four feet piece of vinyl tube that acts as a vacuum hose extension.  Just push the tube onto the vacuum hose attachment and the long flexible hose will reach the trouble spots that often times collect lint and can create a fire hazard.




Here is an easy way to suck clean areas that are usually impossible to reach with a vacuum hose.   This is handy to clean inside your HVAC vents, under the refrigerator, and any tight space.


Here’s what you will need to buy at a hardware or home improvement store.   1-5/8″OD x 1-1/4″ ID Vinyl tube



To create a small vacuum hose extension for under the fridge or inside HVAC vents under cabinets you need to get some 5/8″OD x 1/2″ID tubing and a few sprinkler pipe fittings, so you can reduce the vacuums hose all the way down to the 1/2″ vinyl tube.


This 1/2″ vinyl tube will fit just about anywhere!  Up high above your kitchen cabinets and ledges and back in nooks and crannies (is crannies really a word?)

I like using clear vinyl tubing so you can see what you are sucking up the tube.  This is also handy if it gets clogged.



Save yourself money and clean your HVAC vents yourself.  You will be amazed how much saw dust and lint you will get out of air vents that you can not see in.

clean under fridge


This works really good to reach under refrigerators and ranges too!  You can tape the floppy tube to something more straight and stiff if you want to reach all the way to the back wall.


Buy a long piece of tubing to create a long extension to reach high places as well!  Even your kids will want to help you  with clear vinyl tube vacuum extension hose!




  1. Michelle says

    I absolutely love this idea, so a great idea and one I am definitely going to use!! I’m so excited and cannot wait to clean my dryer vent, and HVAC VENTS!!! So Super Ecited!! Thanks so much!! Your ideas are so awesome and inspiring!!

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